We are a family business that was first established in 1971. Jim Phillips was the original owner. In 2009, Brandon Phillips (son) took over the business. Quality assurance is the number one priority, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.



Mitch Drantch

Brought a set of broken vintage 1970 Jensen speakers in last year and Brandon fixed them up perfectly.  Just blew the tweeter on my home theater center channel speaker and once again fixed perfectly. Prices are very reasonable and his turnaround is fast.  Thanks Brandon!!

Ed Weston

Excellent service,  Quick turn around, this is THE place to get your vintage speakers back in top shape.

Anthony Calandro

I bought a used pair of Polk Audio LSi9s knowing that they were damaged, but not the extent.  I brought them to Brandon, who ended up rebuilding all of the woofers as well as repairing the crossovers.  I proceeded to bring them home, hooked them up, and promptly had a religious experience in my kitchen while the restored LSi9s played beautifully.  Brandon is a miracle worker and I'm super-pleased with how they came out--and at a better price than what I would have paid to purchase discontinued replacement parts.  Next time I need speakers repaired/refurbished, Brandon will be my first call.  Highly recommended!

Greg Taylor

Brandon will definitely satisfy your requests. In fact, this business saved me hundreds if not thousands. Thanks for the outstanding service Brandon.


Another small mom-and-pop shop in Colorado that is off the chain, and put out some of the highest quality work you've ever seen. If you have a set of classic speakers that you want to get redone, or refoamed  or reconed. Or if you need some new coils put in or crossovers recapped, this is definitely the place to do it, but beware they're highly sought-after and always busy. So sometimes it takes a little time, but well worth the wait and wait till you